Sunday, 8 May 2016


Do I have it in me?
To be an author, again
Revisit the trials, tribulations
The trauma and the awful strain

To let a new-fangled plot
Impregnate my fertile mind
In order to conceive
A creation, one of a kind

Patiently wait for the ‘D’ day
Through  winter, spring, summer and rain
Endure the ordeals of labour
And the excruciating pain.

Striving to catch a glimpse
Of my baby, my newborn
Hoping that she is healthy
Unblemished; pretty like a swan.

When she ventures on her journey
When her ability is put to test
Deep in my heart, praying
That she is a cut above the rest.

Brooding at her losses
Rejoicing at every gain
Do I have it in me?
To be an author, again...