Friday, 13 May 2016


Let me sleep a night
Of a million shattered dreams.
Let me wade through waters
Of desiccated streams.
Travelling across deserts
Sans any mirage.
My eyes - dry and bleary
Crumpled and filthy visage.

Love me not, nor hate me
Neither do I seek.
Lost in a world of make-believe
Of solitude I reek.
Sustaining on a diet
Of perverse and twisted passions.
Committing another crime
Conjuring up new confessions.

Take away my worldly assets
If you find any.
Deprive me of my daily bread
Throw away the honey.
Snatch not from me, my quill
And the pot of sanguine ink.
In the raging sea of verses
My jaded soul shall sink.



  1. Commendable. A pot of sanguine ink is all what a creator requires.

  2. Hi..Thank you for the appreciation. I am glad you liked my composition.