Thursday, 22 December 2016

Perfect Prescription for Broken Hearts (A book review)

Author- Aparajitha Nagesh
Publishers- Leadstart Publishing Private Limited; First edition (12 September 2016)
Language: English
Pages- 326 pages
Genre- Romance

Blurb- What is the perfect prescription for broken heart? It is a full close of love-cetmol? Suturing the cut ends? A cardiac transplantation? Or a life time of love with hugs and smiles thrice a day?
Hrudi, a heartbroken and calumniated gynecologist, decides that the perfect prescription to her unending endurance is to put a full stop to her life once and for all. Inebriated by a rush of nostalgia, she chooses to relieve the past once again, before finally finding her eternal in peace.

This journey back in time takes her to her college days, where she falls into step with Aditi since day one and was always at loggerheads with the hunk, Hrishikesh Datta. But everything changed when the cupid struck his arrow on both the parties and life became even more beautiful, until the inevitable happened, crumpling down her world like a pack of cards.

When she was still coping with the heartache, another blow hit her like a wrecking ball and she was razed to the ground once again. As she prepares to end her life, Hrish awaits the one big confrontation that he feared for years.

Will she live through this?

Will her broken heart ever be mended?

Book Review- “Perfect prescription for broken hearts” is a sneak peep into the world of ‘medicos’. The story begins with a description of ragging of new entrants into a medical college. The lectures, anatomy dissection hall, physiology and biochemistry practical classes, and the freshers’ party follow suit. To a person who does not belong to the medical background, it is a voyeuristic trip; the trials and tribulations of a medical student. But at the same time, it takes the form of a docudrama.

The romance between Hrudi and Hrishikesh does not get enough limelight as the author is immersed in delineating the five and a half years of a medical student’s life. There are far too many characters filling up the pages than required. A love story set against the backdrop of a medical college should have been the skeleton to put meat on. But the writer misses the bus.

The climax is melodramatic and seems contrived. A story which begins on a promising not loses steam midway. A better editor and proofreader could have worked wonders to this honest attempt at story-telling.

Verdict- A peep into a medico’s life.

About the Author-Dr. Aparajitha Nagesh is a pediatrician by profession and an author by passion. She graduated from Rangaraya Medical College (2006) and pursued her post-graduation from Andhra Medical College (2011). She worked as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at NRI Medical College. She is currently with Apollo Cradle, Chennai. She got published in Indian Pediatrics Journal (January 2014) with her article ‘A Newborn with Hemorrhagic Varicella.’ 

She blogs at She loves photography, travelling, painting and watching movies. She lives in Chennai with her software engineer husband Nagesh Donipati and her daughter Anagha Naina.

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