Sunday, 10 July 2016

Perfect Imperfect (A book review)

Author- Ravi Bedi
Pages- 171
Publisher- AuthorsInkIndia
Genre- Romantic thriller

Book Review-

‘Perfect imperfect’ is a complex love triangle involving the three protagonists- Jimmy, Samarth and Farah.

It is a well-written piece of prose, the language easy and the grammar unblemished (a big thing in today’s times when in the name of so-called ‘creativity’, the so-called ‘authors’ tear to pieces, the basic rules of grammar). At times, a few words are repeated, but I will let that pass.

The twists in the tale are on the expected lines but the story builds towards the climax in a streamlined fashion. The ending is unconventional.

The author has dealt with the frailties in human nature; the sins- Luxuria (lust), gula (gluttony), avaritia (greed), acedia (sloth), ira (wrath), superbia (pride) and invidia (envy) pervading the lives of the three lead characters. As is evident, the ‘dramatis personae’ in this novel are all coloured in the shades of grey.

I finished reading this ‘romantic thriller’ over the course of one night and needless to say- it did not disappoint me.

I look forward to reading the other books penned by this prolific writer- 'Lover's Rock', 'Mail Order Bride' and 'Seven Stories'.


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