Sunday, 24 July 2016

Kaliyug- The Secret Plot (A book review)

Author- B. S. Sarwagna Kumar 
Pages- 300

Blurb- If you think humanity has lost its meaning, greater darkness is on its way. What could have happened in the past that made our present to be in this way? And how would our present society demolish the future to crumbles? This is war; the war between the first devil, and his nemesis...war between religion and divinity of 'spirituality & knowing'...war between cruel hearted and kind ones. This is the war of KALIYUG. An army consisting an axe, a sword, a horse, great wisdom, and the remains of a dead child, is coming to slay the first of evil and his minions. Pick your side. Good or evil? Respect or rape? Kindness or cruelty? Come join Kaliyug's secretive battle with its twisted secretive plot!

Book Review- ‘Kaliyug  - The Secret Plot’ is the book-1 of Kali trilogy. This book has been divided into two fragments-

1) The Journey so Far – This is the interesting part. The author leads the reader through many mythological events which some of us may have read or heard about. The novelty lies in putting together these apparently unrelated events like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. How humanity plotted its own fall- from the zenith of ‘Satyug’ to the nadir of ‘Kaliyug’ forms the basis of the story.  The author has put in a lot of hard work in compiling mythological records. Kali, the antagonist (if you choose to call him one) has been portrayed in an innovative way. I loved the concept of ‘Brahma years’.

I won’t spill the beans here, though. Read the book to know more.  

2) The Journey Afar- It is in the second portion of the book that the author begins to loose grip over the proceedings. Sometimes, you feel as if you are reading two different books. At the same time, one cannot take credit away from the author as he, in a thought-provoking way, brings out the reasons behind the decay prevalent in today’s societal framework. Man if left to his own devices is none the better than an animal- wild, wanton, savage with lust and greed pervading his bloodstream.

It would be interesting to see what the author intends to pen in the next two parts of this trilogy. This book appears to be complete in itself.

Verdict- A good book, if you are not already tired of the ‘mythology’ based books flooding the market. Give it a try- you won’t be disappointed.

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