Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Call it an act of God
Or a quirk of my fate
For no folly of mine
Left stranded, with days 28.

For centuries, I was a ‘no one’
Till 'February' I was named
Shorn of my share of days
Humiliated and maimed.

My visage - cold and barren
Doesn't appeal to everyone
Wintry squalls in my bosom
No balmy nights and no sun

Flowers, I cannot conceive
My offspring - snow and hail
My mornings - lazy, aimless
The evenings - weary and stale

My heart yearns not for a lover
To be redeemed is my plea
Just a dignified existence
And my rightful stake of 30.



  1. Hmm, why would Feb want to squander its USP? No other month gets a leap year either

    1. Hmm, everything in this world is relative...maybe you are right..only February can tell...

  2. It somehow also defines human nature- we strive to be different, yet call anyone who is different a freak!