Wednesday, 9 November 2016

DNA - Dad's Not Adopted (A book review)

Author- Shikha Kaul 
Publishers- Gargi Publishers; First Edition edition (18 April 2016)
Language: English
Pages- 250
Genre- Crime, thriller and mystery

Blurb- When the past that never existed comes to haunt you, there’s only one thing that persists in your mind – It is definitely a lie!

Sometimes life is not just a mystery, but withal a discovery and cognisance of facts and people around, people who have lived on this planet every moment of your life, as a part of your life, have breathed through the times you have spent. Yet they remain anonymous to you like aliens from a different world. Their existence is non-extant. Yet they influence you without your knowledge. Sometimes they too are oblivious to the reality, like the railway tracks which run parallel to each other but never meet. The moment the tracks meet, there is bound to be a disaster.

She is a simple girl from Thailand and he is one of the top business magnates of India. She claims to be his daughter and a year later she is found killed.

A Managing Editor of a leading newspaper and a CBI Investigating Officer team up to unearth the truth. How far do they go to uncover the mystery?
Delve into the timeless journey that promises to keep you hooked from the beginning to the end…. without a blink!

Book Review- ‘DNA’ is not a novel- it is a ready-made script for a movie. The story runs like a car on the expressway from Delhi to Jaipur-fast and smooth. There are no bumps on the way.

The characters have been etched out with great detailing-everyone has a past, a story of their own to share. They feel real; flesh and blood. The story takes time to shift gears in the beginning but once it does, it is in cruise control mode. The pieces of this jigsaw puzzle fit perfectly into place as the story progresses. The climax is unpredictable; well almost. Being an author myself, I could forecast fifty percent of the suspense but kudos to the writer for jotting down a wonderful culmination to this fantastic novel.

The element of romance though not smouldering, is refreshing.

On the downside, the author could have desisted from using words which send the reader scurrying for a dictionary. It’s never a good idea. The flashback, if narrated by a character is usually in the ‘first person’- the author inadvertently wrote it in the ‘third person’.

Apart from these minor glitches, it has all the ingredients of a book belonging to the genre of ‘Crime, thriller and mystery'.

Verdict- A quintessential suspense thriller…

About the Author- Winner of ‘Author of the Year’ award by Salis Online Magazine for her debut novel ‘Hidden Husband’, which is a romantic contemporary fiction, author Shikha Khanduja Kaul has experimented with a thriller and a murder mystery with her second book. Alongside her career in the staffing industry, she manages to pursue her passion for writing and at the same time ensures to fulfill her duties as a mother and a wife.

A graduate with Honours in Physics and a Post Graduate in HR, she has always been fascinated by books of all genres and finds peace in writing her mind out. Reach out to her:
Twitter: @shikhakaul10

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