Thursday, 25 August 2016

World Full of Needles (A book review)

Author- Bhawna Monga.
Publishers- Notion Press.
Pages- 138.
Genre- Fiction (Short stories).

Blurb- Needles,they hurt, don't they? Imagine going around with a needle poking into the sole of your foot for years. The bitter truth is that most of us are doing that, not realising how. These needles exist in our relationships, within ourselves, or in the people around us.

This book brings to you fifteen short stories on beautiful people and how they managed to pick the needles off from the bottom of their feet and learned to walk again, to love again and to live their lives again.

Book Review- ‘World full of needles’ is divided into 15 chapters. I would refrain to use the term ‘stories’ for them. The book supposedly falls under the category of ‘fiction-short stories’ but I would prefer to categorise it as a non-fiction venture. Each chapter begins with a short narrative depicting a social conflict. This is followed by an autopsy of the issue at hand.
The events described in the book are commonplace; they take place in every household. All of us have experienced them at one stage or the other. Therein lies the strength of this book. The reader can easily relate to each and every incident portrayed in the 138 pages. The book throws in practical recommendations and does not sound preachy at any stage.
The ‘needle’ as far as this book is concerned lies in the overly simplistic narrative plagued by a lack of proper proofreading and editing. This is fast becoming the bane of most of the books nowadays.
According to me, this is a brave attempt on the part of the author. At a time when the market is flooded with novels catering to fiction, she has chosen a path relatively less charted.

Verdict-  A brave attempt.

About the Author- The author is a debutante and has just stepped into the writing world with an ambition to help people with their relationships. Bhawna holds a degree of MBA in HR, a Masters in Sociology, a Diploma in Education planning and management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological counselling. She works in the domain of Emotional Wellness and has touched many lives by now. Bhawna is settled in New Delhi with her husband and two kids.

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